Level 2 - Ground & Groom

When you can demonstrate the skills outlined in our Level 2 evaluation, you'll be offered a Level 2 membership. This membership will allow you to book private time to catch and groom a horse on your own and also includes free Saddle Social events.

The minimum age for Level 2 membership is 12. Parents that are pursuing a membership on behalf of their kids must earn the certification and hold the membership in their own name until the child is 12 years or older. Kids 12 and older that can pass the certification test can hold a membership in their own name.

Level 2 Membership

Purchasing this item allows you to become a regular member as a Level 2 certified participant. As a Level 2 member, you are able to reserve private time with any of the available horses as often as you wish for ground play and grooming. Required membership term is 12 consecutive months. The membership fee will be automatically billed to your credit card each month.

Level 2 members may also come to any Saddle Social event free of charge.

This item is for purchase only to those who have passed the Level 2 evaluation.


Level 2 Evaluation and Skills

If you're interested in becoming a Level 2 member, you will need to demonstrate the skills explained on the Level 2 class materials provided at this link: