Courses to Build Confidence and Certify Skills for all Levels

The Community Horse Program is designed to grow with you – expanding to suit your interest and level of commitment through three levels of certification. You’ll begin building your experience with our Open Barn orientation event and continue through additional engagements as you desire more hands-on horse interaction and riding.

Participants in Community Horse Program are key partners to our organization and to the farm staff –stewarding the health and well-being of the herd and helping each other and the community enjoy and share the farm experience.

As a member of the Community Horse program, you will:

  • Meet horse enthusiasts at every level of experience and skill
  • Have access to affordable training, group clinics, and social events
  • Have the option of working independently with the horses - either on the ground or in the saddle
  • Play a major role in supporting ongoing program enhancements

Things to Know:

  • Hours of Operation
    The farm is open to participants: Monday-Sunday, 8 AM- 8 PM.
  • Age Requirements
    The minimum age for program participants is age 8. Level 3 participants must be 12 at the time of registering for classes.
  • Discounts for Family Members
    We offer a 50% discount on certification courses and evaluations for family members of sustaining participants.
  • Memberships are offered for the term of 12 consecutive months
  • Guest Policy
    Participants registering for a general visit to the farm (Level 1) or to work on the ground with the horses (Level 2) may add one guest to their reservation when booking a visit. Members who are reserving time in the saddle (Level 3) may not bring a guest.

Review the Different Levels Here.
Ready to begin? Then sign up for our Open Barn Orientation here.

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