The Field Guide Program

Bowers Farm Field Guides help members feel at home on the farm and offer assistance with The Community Horse Program and other events that Friends of Bowers Farm sponsors or supports.

Because our Field Guides support the Community Horse Program, each volunteer is required to audit all of the classes offered in the Community Horse Program Certification Course. This training is fun, free and gives you personal experience with the horses and our most passionate supporters.

Key Points:

  • Field Guides audit the Community Horse Program Certification courses for FREE. When registering for each class, just select the “Field Guide” option.
  • Field Guides will pass the Level 2 certification assessment before officially joining the team as a volunteer.
  • A commitment of 4 volunteer hours per month is required to remain an active volunteer (timing is flexible. Our volunteer coordinator can help find you the right fit).



What's Included

CHP Certification Courses